Please go to Photographs and Art Prints to see which of my works are available for purchase. All prints of my artwork will have an original signature. This site is the only place my artworks are available for purchase. If you come across any of my artwork for sale that doesn’t have an original signature, it’s not officially from me.

To learn more about having a pencil portrait of a pet or person made for you, go to Portrait Commissions for more details.

A Bee's Breakfast


Fiery Sky


Puppy Love


Michael Brooks Studio

Pink Spikes

Hanging Out

Wish in the Wind


Peaceful Swim

Sam Seder

Ice Twig

Bloom of Pink

Cat Love

Fariy Stairs

Bright Eyes

Sunstone Butterfly


Morning Drink

Sky Fire

Lazy Swim

Pink Wave

Camel Conversation


The Souls of Animals

Red Wall Leaves

Swan Lake

Michael Brooks

Dover Shore

Sneaking In

Wall Leaves

Pink Blooms

Watching Over Me

Smiling Sam Seder

Happy Doggie

Bee on Flower

Autumn Tree

Play Fetch

Making a Splash

Love is Eternal

Shining Through

Me Defined

Sibling Moment

Solitary View.

Reaching Up

Blue Berry Wall

Orange Lips


Cat Nap