About Me

As a child, I had a gift. I was exceptional at art. Not simply the ‘nice to put on a fridge’ kind of art, but drawings that showed depth, understanding, and expression. It didn’t matter the medium - pencil, acrylics, water colour, sculptures, ink, etching, photography, ect. If I could use something to create art, I did.

My skill continued to improve as I got older. I knew I was only scratching the surface of what I was capable of. (I was between the ages of 12 – 18 when I made these art works)

younger drawing younger drawing younger drawing younger drawing

younger drawing younger drawing younger drawing

Then, life happened. In my early 20s, I wound up unhoused in Toronto. My mental health took a dive, and I was in desperate times. Even through all of that, I had my sketch book with me which allowed me a small escape from my reality.

I met someone in a shelter, and he became my boyfriend. He wasn’t a good person. During my time with him, I didn’t draw a single picture. After the relationship was over, I tried to sit down to draw and...it wasn’t good. I was devastated. The gift I had was gone. That was the most painful thing I had ever gone through.

My biggest regret in life was losing my ability to do art.

I moved on as best I could. I was able to find enough stability to work on my mental health and get myself on my feet. From there, I got involved with activism, I even attempted to run for political office. After not succeeding at that, I still wanted to do my part. I started a YouTube channel, “Left of the Box” and because of that I joined social media. One thing led to the next...

I came across a simple request from a stranger on Twitter. I took a leap of faith and rediscovered that the gift I thought I lost, was still within me and had become something more than I could’ve ever imagined.


To hear the full, emotional, story please watch my video about my experience. Both my drawing and video making have improved drastically since this video. It’s amazing when I see how far I’ve come in such a short time.