Welcome to Sandee Lovas Art. I am an artist located in beautiful Southwestern Ontario where I have lived most of my life. When I’m not creating art, I work at making the world a better place through activism, volunteering, and building community. To learn more about that part of my life, check out my YouTube channel, Left of the Box. I’m also a full-time cat parent.

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I enjoy working with pencil, photography, and experimenting with other mediums. See some of my creations in the Gallery. My drawings are inspired by my photography. I also draw commission pencil portraits of pets and people. Please go to Portrait Commissions to learn more about what I have to offer.

Prints of my artwork are available for purchase. Check out the "Shop" options in the menu to learn more.

Original works I’ve made, ones that weren’t commissions, aren’t intended for sale. It doesn’t mean I won’t sell them, it means the price would have to be worth me parting with them. If there’s an original piece you love and must have, please contact me for a price. Keep in mind, it will be cheaper to order a commission and a print of each of my works than it will be to purchase one of my originals.

I am constantly learning and expanding my repertoire. So, please keep checking back to see what new creations have been added.

Check out Left of the Box.