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WATCH! Drawing Appears Before Your Eyes

Video showing the stages of the creation of "Existential".

Left of the Box with Sandee Lovas – A Feel Good Story – Drawing a pic of Sam Seder Changed My Life

The story of how I rediscovered my gift for creating art.

Bonus Video in Anticipation of My
2 Year Anniversary Video!

I went to see The Majority Report live in Boston. I wanted to show my appreciation by giving Sam Seder a gift. That gift was a portrait of him. He showed it off live on the show.

Check Out My Fantastic Drawing!

A picture of camels, you didn’t know you needed. A short fun video with progress photos detailing my drawing.

Sam Seder Opens My Gift On The Majority Report

Michael Brooks was the main inspiration for me starting my YouTube channel “Left of the Box.” That began a series of events that changed the direction of my life, including me rediscovering my talent for art. Michael Brooks passed away July 20th, 2020 at the age of 36. For the one year anniversary of his passing, I sent a drawing of him to his sister, and another one to the folks at The Majority Report. Sam Seder opened the drawing I sent him live on air.

How Michael Brooks Inspired Me
and How That Saved My Life

This is the full story of how Michael Brooks inspired me.

I Went On A Trip...It Became An Adventure!

This is the full story of my trip to see The Majority Report live in Boston. I also weave in the process of drawing Sam Seder. It includes progress photos as I talk about the steps I took to make his portrait.

Art Shorts

YouTube playlist.