Most of my life, I’ve lived with poverty. Many times, I’ve seen beautiful, handmade items or art and wanted so much to have that in my life. Then I would be filled with disappointment as I looked at the price tag. I understood why the price was high, an artist should be compensated for their time and skill. I had to learn to accept that custom, or handmade items, were out of my reach.

When a person lives with poverty, we’re often denied simple pleasantries. All the money we get goes towards items we need to survive. I believe everyone should have access to the things in life that makes life worth living.

My life has been turning around and while I still need to charge a certain amount for my art, so I can have a livable income, I want to pay it forward.

If you have money to spare and you also believe people living with poverty deserve something special, please donate. When the donations cover the cost of a commission, I will put out a call to people living with poverty for submissions and randomly pick one person to receive a commission portrait at no cost to them.

To make a donation, please go to contact and put "Donation" in the subject line.

Below are the people who’ve received a portrait because of the generosity of others.


"We took the portrait to my mum. She loved it.

She was in shock when she first saw it. Truly speechless. And my very loud Jewish mom is NEVER speechless. The tears came a bit after. She is super happy with it and going through all the feels."

~Adam, Southwest Ontario